Toasters, PS4, Robots, and Xbox One’s New Experience… WTF?

As we all know from 360 to Xbox One there was a huge dropoff when it came to the experience of making parties, inviting friends, and doing other quick and easy tasks. Well it looks like Xbox has finally decided to address it and then some.

I’ve seen the video a couple of times now and let me say that I can’t wait.

This seems like an update that’s not going well noticed. But I can’t believe how amazing it looks. If any of you know, I do a lot with voice recognition so I can’t wait to be able to make parties, invite friends, share videos, etc… all without having to snap and pause, and while using my voice.

This seems like a significant update, and coming on the heels of backwards compatibility, and the really cool controller, I gotta say that Xbox you guys are coming guns a blazing. GREAT FUCKING JOB!


After a discussion with some of the GameBrosShow brethren, I responded with a great analogy that I wanted to share that expresses how I feel about the Xbox One Vs PS4 battle.

The Scene: I just let them know how excited I was about the Xbox One experience change, and the Sony Fanboys jumped at the chance to bash something and mention how I hate Sony, which I don’t. So here’s the response:

[6/17/2015, 9:17 PM]: I don’t think Sony is a big piece of crap. I just think that they are doing exactly what they told you they would do. They made a single use device that is for playing video games. They are spending tons on exclusive deals and morpheus, and the trade off is no real updates for the interface or the experience as a whole. They sell an appliance. And that’s OK, for some people. Some people don’t want their toaster to make it dinner, some people just want it to toast their bread. My case has always been that MS isn’t selling a toaster, they are selling a robot, one that’ll toast your bread, serve you a bowl of cereal and bring your coffee while your at the couch. So sure, they saved you $100 at launch, but they fucked you in the long run.

My PS4 sits there waiting for me to put a piece of toast in it. And when it toast, GODAMNN it toasts. It’s a great fucking toaster. It toasts better than Xbox One. But fuck if I don’t have my robot doing everything else for me.

And if i’m going to make a full breakfast, not just toast. I’m gonna have the robot make the whole damn thing.

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