Microsoft and Oculus Rift Teaming Up

As the resident Xbox One guru here at GameBrosShow, I gotta say this is exciting. I know, it’s only for streaming now, but let’s be serious, we know that pure titles specifically for the Oculus are now just inches away.

I own a PS4 and one of the few things I’ve been looking forward to are the Project Morpheus titles. I want to see what this VR thing is really all about. I have the Google Cardboard headset, and it alone is pretty damn amazing. But the Morpheus project seemed like what I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid. Now that Xbox has announced a partnership with Oculus, I’m even more excited as I truly enjoy what comes out of their studios.

A VR headset for Microsoft will also push consoles, guaranteed. It’s what MS needs right now too. I’d hate to think they’re losing out on exclusives for not having as large a user base. These VR headsets can put them over the top.

I’m super excited and can’t wait to see what’s coming, I’m willing to dole out at least $500 for these things as I’d like to count myself as an early adopter.

Good luck MS, and thanks for the good news.

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Sony vs Microsoft Who Wins E3 2015 ?


Here at there is always a hot debate going on between PS4 and Xbox One and which system will win the next gen war and with E3 right around the corner there is no better time to make a case for each. There is a lot noise and wild specualtion out there so i will do my best to predict somethings that we might realistically see at this year conferences and who will win E3 2015.

Xbox One:

Xboe One is bringing a ton of games to the show they already announced Tomb Raider, Halo 5 Guardians, Forza 6 and and a worldwide reveal of Plants vs Zombies (not sure if this will be timed exclusive or just will make it debut at the micosoft press event) but none the less here my thoughts on what i think Xbox has under wraps.

  • Rare will finally reveal what they have been working on rumor has it a new Banjo-Kazooie will be revealed and give Xbox a first party platformer that it needs.
  • Gears of War Marcus fenix Collections will finally be officially revealed and a next gen Gears of War will be shown to the world for the first time. (which is the real reason you went out and bought an Xbox One at launch GOW is my favorite Xbox franchise.)
  • We will see some kind of cross game support between Windows 10 and Xbox One. and see some kind of game streaming from Pc to Xbox this would be a cool feature that i hope comes true.


Ps4 has been the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to Next gen systems. It has outsold it’s rival by a margain of 2-1, Sony usually drops Bombs at E3 and having the most first party studios i expect some big announcements and Some Project morpheus in the spotlight. First party software has been kind of week with the exception of bloodborne. They already announced the Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4 and it’s own platfomer in a remake of sorts with Ratchet and Clank. So here are my predictionss on what Sony will show off at this year E3.

  • From the makers of Killzone.. Guerilla Games will reveal there New Ip its rumored to be Open world Third person where you will be fighting against robotic dinosaurs.
  • God Of War Next Gen will be announced and shown publicly for the first time.
  • A New Syphon Filter will be announced.
  • Hello Games much anticipated No Man Sky will have it’s drop the mic moment and get it’s time to shine at the press conference and a release date will be announced.

Winner: The Gamers…….. Both Microsoft and Sony are bringing their heavy hitters. E3 is like our  superbowl for gamers a gaming spectacle with huge reveals and announcments so no matter what system of choice you play on rest assured E3 2015 will having something for everyone. Please let us know in the comments section what games your looking forward to at this year E3 and stay tuned to for your E3 Coverage.


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Witcher 3 – Review

So, I’m really only about 20 hours into the game, but being a grown adult with a normal job that’s about all I could muster so far. With those 20 hours I can say that Witcher 3 is a great game. I won’t go out and say it’s an amazing game because it has some faults. So, I like to deliver the bad news first.

The Bad

The controls are pretty bad. I like that they stuck with some tried and true button schema’s, they didn’t go all “The Last Of Us” and decide to invent a new way to switch between weapons, but the game handles badly. I remember swimming below a bridge where there was a sunken treasure, and it took me like 5 minutes to get Geralt into a position that would allow me to open the chest. Geralt moves in huge lunges everywhere, one small tap on the controls and he’s moved like 30 feet.

Let’s see what else… oh yeah, talking to people can sometimes be a bit annoying if you want to skip it. You press X, but it only skips that one sentence. I had some initial problems with bugs on the Xbox One, but they got fixed pretty quickly. I’m not to sure I like the menu system, it’s hard to navigate and it might just be me, but crafting things and combining things is hard, you can’t tell what ingredients are needed for certain things. Eh… it’s just not intuitive.

The Good

The game is massive, it’s fun, it’s cool, you have two freaking swords, you can kill things from your horse! WTF! I’ve read a lot of complaints about the graphics, but you know what, not from me, I think the graphics are just fine.

It’s a great game, that’s worthy of best game of the year, so far at least. The game has it all and there’s no disputing how well it was put together.

If the point of game reviews is to help you determine if a game is worth playing or not, then here it is.


The bad does not outweigh the good. The programmers did an excellent job and they deserve our praise in the form of green. So go get it.


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