Destiny Update 2.0 Preview Details Changes to Level Cap, Quests, Bounties, More

Destiny Update 2.0 Preview Details Changes to Level Cap, Quests, Bounties, More

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Going live on September 8 and requiring 18GB of free space on PlayStation 4 and 20GB of free space on PlayStation 3, Destiny update 2.0 was previewed by Bungie in their Weekly Update, giving you a taste of the changes coming ahead of The Taken King on September 15:


  • Character Level Cap for all players will be raised to 34
  • Level Cap for The Taken King will be 40
  • You will be able to level up by gaining XP alone
  • Character Level and Light are now separate statistics
  • Your Character Level will be grandfathered into your highest possible Light Level from all gear in your inventory and vault
  • Attack and Defense ratings for armor and weapons will be translated to the new systems – their power levels will be unchanged
  • Grimoire Score has been moved from the Character Nameplate and now displays in the Character Screen


  • A Quest Screen will be added to your Menu
  • Tracks all active Quests
  • Abandoned Quests can be recovered in the Hall of Guardians
  • Year One Activities have been converted to the Quest system


  • Bounty slots will be increased to 16
  • Incomplete Year One Bounties will be auto-abandoned on 09/08 in preparation for launch of The Taken King
  • Incomplete Year One Exotic Bounties are auto-completed with their respective Vendors
  • Year One bounties issues by Eris will be retired
  • Reputation with Crota’s Bane can continue to be earned by completing Quests in The Taken King


Collections have been added to the Tower

  • Emblems/Shaders can be found near Eva Lavante
  • Ships can be found near Amanda Holliday

Exotic Armor and Weapon Blueprint added to the Tower

  • You will now have the Blueprint for all Exotics you own in your Collection
  • Report to the Vanguard in the Hall of Guardians


  • Motes of Light will be used to grant XP to Weapons and Armor
  • Class-specific Armor materials will be deprecated in favor of a unified Armor Material
  • Vanguard Quartermaster, Roni-9940, will exchange old materials for armor material [Takes effect on 09/15]

Weapons & Armor


  • Fallen Wolf Hunt Patrols will retreat in anticipation of the arrival of Oryx in your solar system

The full patch notes will be posted next week when 2.0 goes live.

When you do install update 2.0, there will also be a few things removed:

  • Vanguard & Crucible Marks: Activities where you previously earned Vanguard/Crucible marks will now grant Legendary Marks. On Tuesday, your current Vanguard/Crucible marks will converted into faction commendations. [Takes effect on 09/15]
  • The Elder Cipher will no longer drop upon completion of the Skolas Challenge Arena in the Prison of Elders. The Exotic items offered with the Elder Cipher will now have a chance to drop from the Prison of Elders Treasure Chest.

With Destiny Year One winding down, Bungie’s Live Team suggests completing the Year One Bounties, completing your Moments of Triumph(which has been extended until September 14), and not deleting your characters or dismantling your items just yet.

When update 2.0 is live, we’ll let you know.

[Source: Bungie]



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Batman: Arkham Knight’s big PC patch is out





Batman: Arkham Knight’s big PC patch


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Huge improvements have finally arrived for the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight, although the game still hasn’t returned to sale.

The notes for the interim patch, released today, have been posted on Steam. They include:

  • Optimizations for system memory and VRAM usage
  • Improved performance on all GPUs (requires the latest drivers)
  • More Comprehensive In-Game Settings
  • Fixed low resolution texture bugs
  • Fixed hitches when running on mechanical hard drives (HDD)

While work is still on-going on the following fixes:

  • Adding support for SLI and Crossfire
  • Adding support for the latest DLC & Season Pass content
  • Adding support for additional updates such as Photo Mode
  • Continued improvements and bug fixing for a Windows 7 specific memory issue that occurs on configurations with 8GB of system RAM and some NVIDIA GPUs during extended game play
  • Continued improvements for Windows 10 specific issues on systems with some AMD GPUs

The patch leaked in beta yesterday, and users reported huge improvements in the game.

Despite this, Warner Bros Interactive has not announced a revised re-release date for the PC version, which has been unavailable since June. The Steam page still lists a ‘Fall 2015′ release.


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Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer Explains REP and the Five Ways to Play

Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer Explains REP and the Five Ways to Play

Need for Speed Gameplay Trailer Explains REP and the Five Ways to Play

Check out the latest Need for Speed trailer details REP and the Five Ways to Play: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw.

“Combine all five to create that perfect Need for Speed moment,” the description begins, “driving insanely fast, sliding through a corner in your customized ride alongside your friends, whilst being chased by the cops.”

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As explained on the game’s official website, earning REP is how you’ll unlock additional events, cars, and customization options.

Here’s how you can earn REP through the Five Ways to Play:

  • SPEED, it’s what we all love, what we all live for and above all else it’s what we all need. Take part in Speed events such as Sprint Races and Time Attacks, cross the line first and be the fastest. Empty the nitrous tank and keep it clean to earn some major Speed REP. The fearless take the win, don’t lift off and get the SPEED REP you deserve.
  • STYLE is all about expressing yourself behind the wheel as Ventura Bay becomes the ultimate Gymkhana playground. Whether you’re putting the car sideways in drift contests or pulling off jumps and donuts, by showing your flair and precise car control you’ll soon find Style REP flowing your way. For some, STYLE is all that matters.
  • BUILD rewards you for creating your own one of a kind ride. Performance upgrades let you awaken the beast in each and every ride as you earn your REP and become a master of the mod scene in BUILD. Visually customize your car with the hottest after-market body modifications. Let your inner artist run wild with an awesome paint job, decals and bespoke wrap.  While personalized handling ensures your car drives and handles exactly how you want.
  • CREW is all about coming together and driving as one. Compete in events such as Drift Train and get REP for speeding through the urban jungle with your friends in tow. Keep it razor close to the car in front for as long as you can to crush the competition. Ride, represent and win with your CREW.
  • OUTLAW is all about high stakes, risk versus reward driving and of course, messing with the cops. Smash through the city, creating havoc and getting yourself noticed for all the wrong reasons. When you’ve had your fun, put your foot down, escape the heat and drive off into the night. OUTLAWS do things their own way and live life on the edge. Go out and become notorious.

Releasing on November 3 in North America and November 5 in Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Need for Speed will require an online connection.

[Source: Need for Speed]


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Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold Face Off:

Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold  Face Off:


Gamebros Show

So the Showdown Today is Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold Subscription Comparison ! Today we break down the details of which Membership comes out on top!

Xbox Live Gold: A 12 month Xbox Live Gold Subscription will set you back $59.99, with a three month membership retailing for $24.99. You can snag a one month membership for $9.99.

PlayStation Plus: Sony’s online service is a tad cheaper when it comes to a 12 month or three month subscription. A year membership retails for $49.99, with a three month membership retailing for $17.99. Like Xbox, you can also buy a one month membership for $9.99.

Verdict: Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has long been the gold standard when it comes to online functionality on consoles. Presumably, that’s why Xbox Live Gold costs more than its PlayStation counterpart. That being said, we still have to give this one up to PlayStation Plus. A full $10 cheaper is nothing to scoff at.
Advantage: PlayStation Plus


Xbox Live Gold: Every month Xbox gamers receive a batch of free titles. If you own a Xbox 360, you get two games, one for each half of the month. Xbox One gamers receive two free games, though one of the games is usually a carry-over from the previous month. That’s a total of four free titles if you own both Xbox consoles.

PlayStation Plus: Six free games. That’s how many free titles you’ll receive every month if you own each of Sony’s gaming consoles: two for the PS3, two for the PS4 and two for PlayStation Vita. Many of these titles are usually available on multiple platforms as well, so even if you don’t have a Vita, chances are you can still pick up one of the free Vita games for your PS3 or PS4. Solid.

Verdict: Xbox’s more recent program simply can’t compete with PlayStation’s free game offerings. Not only does Sony give away more games, but they are often newer or brand spanking new titles, including a wide variety of stellar indie titles. Games With Gold is improving, but it’s not on PlayStation’s level just yet.

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Xbox Live Gold: Every week a batch of various games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One will receive discounts only for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The discounts can vary wildly, from 30 percent all the way up to 75, and on all kinds of games, from indie titles to AAA blockbusters. Sales for non-Gold members occur as well, but the best discounts are reserved for subscribers.

PlayStation Plus: Like Xbox Live, games regularly go on sale over in the PlayStation store. These sales are open to all PlayStation users, but if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber you’ll snag an even deeper discount. Such was the case during PlayStation’s holiday sale, where PlayStation Plus subscribers scored an extra 10 percent off already discounted titles.

Verdict: Here the two services are evenly matched. Both offer exclusive deals for subscribers in addition to regular sales and discounts. No matter which service you choose, you’ll find a steady stream of slashed game prices all screaming for your attention.


XBox vs Playstation Gamebros show

Gamebros Show

Extra Perks:

Xbox Live Gold: Being a gold member allows Xbox users to download demos and participate in early beta programs before non-subscribers. Users also have a wealth of other online services like cloud storage, game DVR and party chat functionality.

PlayStation Plus: Sony’s service is much the same. Subscribers get exclusive access to beta programs, as well as allowing for cloud saves. One big distinguishing feature that PlayStation has that Xbox lacks is exclusive television programming. The PlayStation original series Powers starring Sharlto Copley and based on the graphic novel of the same name is proving to be a major selling point for subscribers.

Verdict: Both services are nearly identical here, except PlayStation has a well-received television show. After Microsoft decided to gut Xbox’s own plans for exclusive television programming, this category goes to Sony.
Advantage: PlayStation Plus


YOU TELL US? Leave us a Comment what you think comes out on top!! 

here at Gamebros Show we think:

Taken by each category alone, it’s clear that PlayStation Plus comes out on top. It’s cheaper, offers exclusive programming and also includes nearly every feature or perk that comes with a Xbox Live Gold subscription. This is by no means a scientific study, however. It’s hard to gauge the stability of each platform or which might function better day to day.

Each platform buckled under the weight of DDOS attack and hackers during the holiday season, though the PSN hack of 2011 (in which hackers stole the personal data of thousands of customers) still remains as a serious red mark against PSN more than four years later. At the end of the day, no matter what platform you are playing on or service you are using, you are going to be getting a great gaming experience, complete with free games and discounts.






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Madden 16 Giveaway – Gamebros Show

Madden NFL 16 GIVEAWAY! – Gamebros show! 


Welcome to Gamebros Show! We are proud to annouce that we are hosting a Madden NFL 16 Giveaway! You will be able to win a copy of Madden NFL 16, A Gamebros Show Shirt, and a Squidgrip for your system! To Enter comment the system you want to win Madden for, Follow our page, Subscribe to our Youtube and Tag 10 friends on our Instagram page!! Repost the pic and Hash tag #madden16giveaway #gamebros. On September 13 we will annouce a winner on our Live Show!!!

We will places all names in a bag for everyone to see! One winner for PS4 and Another for Xbox One!! Stay tuned for the lastest updates on our contest & next episodes!!!




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Sony vs Microsoft Who Wins E3 2015 ?


Here at there is always a hot debate going on between PS4 and Xbox One and which system will win the next gen war and with E3 right around the corner there is no better time to make a case for each. There is a lot noise and wild specualtion out there so i will do my best to predict somethings that we might realistically see at this year conferences and who will win E3 2015.

Xbox One:

Xboe One is bringing a ton of games to the show they already announced Tomb Raider, Halo 5 Guardians, Forza 6 and and a worldwide reveal of Plants vs Zombies (not sure if this will be timed exclusive or just will make it debut at the micosoft press event) but none the less here my thoughts on what i think Xbox has under wraps.

  • Rare will finally reveal what they have been working on rumor has it a new Banjo-Kazooie will be revealed and give Xbox a first party platformer that it needs.
  • Gears of War Marcus fenix Collections will finally be officially revealed and a next gen Gears of War will be shown to the world for the first time. (which is the real reason you went out and bought an Xbox One at launch GOW is my favorite Xbox franchise.)
  • We will see some kind of cross game support between Windows 10 and Xbox One. and see some kind of game streaming from Pc to Xbox this would be a cool feature that i hope comes true.


Ps4 has been the leader in the clubhouse when it comes to Next gen systems. It has outsold it’s rival by a margain of 2-1, Sony usually drops Bombs at E3 and having the most first party studios i expect some big announcements and Some Project morpheus in the spotlight. First party software has been kind of week with the exception of bloodborne. They already announced the Nathan Drake Collection, Uncharted 4 and it’s own platfomer in a remake of sorts with Ratchet and Clank. So here are my predictionss on what Sony will show off at this year E3.

  • From the makers of Killzone.. Guerilla Games will reveal there New Ip its rumored to be Open world Third person where you will be fighting against robotic dinosaurs.
  • God Of War Next Gen will be announced and shown publicly for the first time.
  • A New Syphon Filter will be announced.
  • Hello Games much anticipated No Man Sky will have it’s drop the mic moment and get it’s time to shine at the press conference and a release date will be announced.

Winner: The Gamers…….. Both Microsoft and Sony are bringing their heavy hitters. E3 is like our  superbowl for gamers a gaming spectacle with huge reveals and announcments so no matter what system of choice you play on rest assured E3 2015 will having something for everyone. Please let us know in the comments section what games your looking forward to at this year E3 and stay tuned to for your E3 Coverage.


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