Metal Gear Solid 5: Which has more power under the hood?

Metal Gear Solid 5: Which has more power under the hood?

Digital Foundry released a new video yesterday giving us something to talk about. A “Frame-rate Test” over Ps4 and Xbox one. According to the techs at Digitalfoundry they think the PS4 verison of the Phantom Pain comes out on top, due to 1080p resolution. Not much difference else where in the game between the two. This is what they released:


Up front, it’s worth stating that all console versions offer up the same core feature-set, and a practically identical world design. However, it’s the delivery in resolution and frame-rate that really divides PS4 and Xbox from their last-gen counterparts. The Phantom Pain strikes an unusual middle ground in this sense; factoring in the ageing PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware, the game’s visuals on newer consoles may not necessarily bring us to the cutting-edge here – but it does qualify PS4 and Xbox One for a rare combination of open-world, 60fps gameplay.

(check out the full story here.)

What are your thoughts? Which Comes out on top in your eyes?

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