GameBros Show Ep 38 : Madden 16, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta ,much more

GameBros Show Ep 38 : Madden 16, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Beta ,much more


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For Gamers on the Go – Acers Predator 6 Gaming Phone

Acers Predator 6 Gaming Phone

You may or may not have heard, but Acer has ventured into the world of gaming hardware and with a flying start. A few months ago the OEM launched its Predator division, which is charged with the tough goal to deliver ultimate performance hardware and builds to the very nitpicky crowd of gamers. It is definitely a good move as far as market expansion goes, as the branch is growing at an exponential rate and does by definition entail lots of expendable income and freedom to go wild with hardware and visuals.

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This is exactly the motivation behind Acer’s new Predator 8 gaming tablet and Predator 6 gaming smartphone. Both represent a new branch in the Predator family, which, just like DELL’s Alienware and Republic of Gamers by Asus, started out in the desktop and laptop PC realm. Acer must definitely be doing something right as to facilitate this bold new expansion to the Predator lineup.

The Predator 6 might be a hardcore Android gaming device, but it is still a smartphone nonetheless, so we were naturally drawn to take a closer look.

First, the elephant in the room – visuals. If there is one thing the gaming industry is instantly associated with, it would have to be captivating strong and aggressive visuals. What better way to draw the attention of gamers than a flashy shell, a lot of red paint and a brushed surface. Acer knows this all too well and consequently the Predator 6 definitely stands out.


It is actually quite a refreshing breath of fresh air to see some variation on the standard slab design that has been the norm for so long now. The Predator has character and a lot of it. The body is arched out at the back with strong angles, some quite unnecessary, but all so cool steep edges and grooves and a huge logo etched in on the back. It is definitely not something you would want to pull out during a business meeting, but in the right circles it is the definition of awe-inspiring.

The design is nicely wrapped up by four distinct orange grills at the top and bottom, which all house speakers for the best possible audio experience. Otherwise the front is quite clean and only the earpiece stands out a little with its camera-like design. As far as materials go, the shell is mostly made out of metal and feels really premium. Handling is quite nice as you would expect, given all the extra edges to grip on to and holding it with two hands in landscape feels even better.

The sides of the phone are quite clean with nothing really getting in the way. A USB on the bottom, 3.5mm jack on the top and volume on rock controls on the right hand side – that’s about it. And now we get to the important part. Any gamer likes a flashy attire, but it is the internals that count and the Predator P6 definitely has the guts to impress. First up is the spacious 6.0-inch HD display. It puts the phone well into phablet territory, but also looks quite impressive in terms of contrast and sharpness.


Underneath the hood is a beastly MediaTek chipset – the MT6797, more popularly known as the Helio X20. It is a monster and has a total of ten CPU cores inside, but before you get too excited, it is still a mobile chip and running all of them is not really an option of a number of practical reasons. The design is actually what is referred to as a tri-cluster. The Predator 6 has two sets of four Cortex A53 cores, running at 1.4Ghz and 2.0GHz respectively, as well as an additional two A72 cores, running at a whopping 2.5GHz. Those are the chips the unit will be utilizing to handle great loads ant the other clusters are there to offer a less power-hungry alternative for regular tasks.

This is where our beef with the Predator 6 lies. While Acer has indeed done everything it can to equip it with the most-powerful hardware possible, it is still a standard ARM solution that will most-likely be fitted in a lot of other consumer devices in the future and not necessarily ones that will be marketed as gaming stations. This is in contrast to a more-custom approach, like what Nvidia does with the Tegra chip. That could actually give you more productive hardware, as opposed to just a flashy exterior and big marketing talk. But, we digress.

The rest of the Predator’s specs sheet is still quite impressive, featuring a Mali-T880 MP4 GPU, 4GB of RAM and a 21MP camera and to Acer’s credit, it does seem to have put some extra effort into making a custom device, tailored for gamers. For once, the Predator 6 is equipped with a special haptic feedback system, so it can behave just like a modern console controller and immerse the player in the game.

As for the software, it is already clear that the Predator 6 will run on Android, just like the Predator 8, however, Acer could opt to build a custom gaming-friendly experience on top of in, which could definitely boost sales. Last, but not least, when dealing with gamers it all comes down to content and Acer needs the right approach if it is going to give the products like the Nvidia Shield a run for their money. But frankly without a custom hardware platform to impress with, we doubt the Predator 6 and its tablet counterpart will ever become wildly popular.





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Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold Face Off:

Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold  Face Off:


Gamebros Show

So the Showdown Today is Playstation Plus Vs. Xbox Live Gold Subscription Comparison ! Today we break down the details of which Membership comes out on top!

Xbox Live Gold: A 12 month Xbox Live Gold Subscription will set you back $59.99, with a three month membership retailing for $24.99. You can snag a one month membership for $9.99.

PlayStation Plus: Sony’s online service is a tad cheaper when it comes to a 12 month or three month subscription. A year membership retails for $49.99, with a three month membership retailing for $17.99. Like Xbox, you can also buy a one month membership for $9.99.

Verdict: Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has long been the gold standard when it comes to online functionality on consoles. Presumably, that’s why Xbox Live Gold costs more than its PlayStation counterpart. That being said, we still have to give this one up to PlayStation Plus. A full $10 cheaper is nothing to scoff at.
Advantage: PlayStation Plus


Xbox Live Gold: Every month Xbox gamers receive a batch of free titles. If you own a Xbox 360, you get two games, one for each half of the month. Xbox One gamers receive two free games, though one of the games is usually a carry-over from the previous month. That’s a total of four free titles if you own both Xbox consoles.

PlayStation Plus: Six free games. That’s how many free titles you’ll receive every month if you own each of Sony’s gaming consoles: two for the PS3, two for the PS4 and two for PlayStation Vita. Many of these titles are usually available on multiple platforms as well, so even if you don’t have a Vita, chances are you can still pick up one of the free Vita games for your PS3 or PS4. Solid.

Verdict: Xbox’s more recent program simply can’t compete with PlayStation’s free game offerings. Not only does Sony give away more games, but they are often newer or brand spanking new titles, including a wide variety of stellar indie titles. Games With Gold is improving, but it’s not on PlayStation’s level just yet.

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Xbox Live Gold: Every week a batch of various games on Xbox 360 and Xbox One will receive discounts only for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The discounts can vary wildly, from 30 percent all the way up to 75, and on all kinds of games, from indie titles to AAA blockbusters. Sales for non-Gold members occur as well, but the best discounts are reserved for subscribers.

PlayStation Plus: Like Xbox Live, games regularly go on sale over in the PlayStation store. These sales are open to all PlayStation users, but if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber you’ll snag an even deeper discount. Such was the case during PlayStation’s holiday sale, where PlayStation Plus subscribers scored an extra 10 percent off already discounted titles.

Verdict: Here the two services are evenly matched. Both offer exclusive deals for subscribers in addition to regular sales and discounts. No matter which service you choose, you’ll find a steady stream of slashed game prices all screaming for your attention.


XBox vs Playstation Gamebros show

Gamebros Show

Extra Perks:

Xbox Live Gold: Being a gold member allows Xbox users to download demos and participate in early beta programs before non-subscribers. Users also have a wealth of other online services like cloud storage, game DVR and party chat functionality.

PlayStation Plus: Sony’s service is much the same. Subscribers get exclusive access to beta programs, as well as allowing for cloud saves. One big distinguishing feature that PlayStation has that Xbox lacks is exclusive television programming. The PlayStation original series Powers starring Sharlto Copley and based on the graphic novel of the same name is proving to be a major selling point for subscribers.

Verdict: Both services are nearly identical here, except PlayStation has a well-received television show. After Microsoft decided to gut Xbox’s own plans for exclusive television programming, this category goes to Sony.
Advantage: PlayStation Plus


YOU TELL US? Leave us a Comment what you think comes out on top!! 

here at Gamebros Show we think:

Taken by each category alone, it’s clear that PlayStation Plus comes out on top. It’s cheaper, offers exclusive programming and also includes nearly every feature or perk that comes with a Xbox Live Gold subscription. This is by no means a scientific study, however. It’s hard to gauge the stability of each platform or which might function better day to day.

Each platform buckled under the weight of DDOS attack and hackers during the holiday season, though the PSN hack of 2011 (in which hackers stole the personal data of thousands of customers) still remains as a serious red mark against PSN more than four years later. At the end of the day, no matter what platform you are playing on or service you are using, you are going to be getting a great gaming experience, complete with free games and discounts.






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Batman Arkham Knight Review


Is Batman Arkham Knight the best super hero game ever created ?

batman 1

Back in 2009 Rocksteady Studios released Batman Arkham Asylum and like many I thought it was another bad licensed super hero game. That was until i played it and thought finally someone created a good Batman game that made you feel like Batman. So when Batman Arkham City came out in 2011 it was a day 1 purchase for me. It was an amazing game that had a satisfying ending that no one saw coming. So i wondered how they were going to top this sequel Rocksteady has been hard at work on this game and it shows..

batman mobile 2


Thanks to Next Gen this is the most detailed, best looking and biggest Batman game to date. Lighting, weather and particle effects are amazing and the way neon lights in the city are reflected in the world look Spectacular. There a lot of attention to detail here and it shows the sound design is also very well done. From the engine of the bat mobile as you power slide around the city and fire the 60mm Canon to the top notch voice acting of batman and some of his villains. If you’re like me and have a pretty good headset or a 5.1 surround sound set up you won’t be disappointed with the sound of this game.

batman villains


The story takes place one year after the events of Arkham City on Halloween night Scarecrow is threating to release his fear toxin all over the city. Some of Batman biggest villains join Scarecrow in an attempt to take over Gotham city. He is also joined by the Arkham Knight a militarized anti- batman who shares the key villain role with scarecrow I won’t spoil any part of the story here but there are memorable moments in the story. What I really enjoyed about the story was at different points in the game as you encounter different villains each provide you a different gameplay element which adds lots of diversity to the gameplay as the story unfolds.

batman 4


The game play has been an important part of the Arkham franchise and in my opinion it’s one of the best combat systems out there and it’s only been improved it feels more fluid and more stylish than ever before with more options. You can know pick up Enemy weapons on the ground like  baseball bats and use it against your enemies in combat. If you’re like me and like performing silent takedowns you will be rewarded, this move now fills the fear takedown meter and once charged up allows you to takedown up to 5 enemies (if fully upgraded) for a cool cinematic takedown that never gets old and is very useful in the game. The bat mobile is also a big part of the game that you get early on. The controls are a bit awkward at first but you get used to it rather quickly so it’s not a deal breaker.

Thanks to an early upgrade to the grapnel it feels more fluid and really makes gliding around the game that much more fun. In addition there a new feature called Dual play that lets you team up with robin, cat women, or nightwing  for some specific story or predator mission within the game. This mechanic allows you to switch characters mid battles, It’s a welcome change to the free flow combat and it’s a nice change for the series even though minimal it keeps things fresh. One thing that i found a little weird was that the game does not have a tutorial.. the game is expecting you to know how the controls works, this is fine if you’re a veteran but if your new to series you might find this a lil strange. If this is a short coming for you fear not the game has an excellent Training method called AR challenges where you can polish up and practice your bat mobile driving, predator challenges and improve your free flow combat skills and get rewarded for doing these challenges.

batman 6

Editor’s opinion:

When i started my review i posed the question is Batman Arkham Knight the best superhero game ever created? I’m happy to report in my humble opinion Yes it is.. Rocksteady has created the ultimate Batman experience with beautiful visuals  great voice acting and a great combat system. That only gets better as you invest in upgrades. The story is good with some memorable moments and for the first time in the series the Batmobile makes an appearance and thankfully it’s a great addition to the series. This game is loaded with content from the many side missions to the complicated Riddler puzzles that involve the Bat mobile to the many collectibles trophy to find, there even a a new game plus option for when you complete the game. If you’re a veteran of the series or a new comer this is a game that totally worth your time and money. Rocksteady has created it’s best game in the series this studio loves the batman universe and it shows..


control logocontrol logocontrol logocontrol logo4/5

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Witcher 3 – Review

So, I’m really only about 20 hours into the game, but being a grown adult with a normal job that’s about all I could muster so far. With those 20 hours I can say that Witcher 3 is a great game. I won’t go out and say it’s an amazing game because it has some faults. So, I like to deliver the bad news first.

The Bad

The controls are pretty bad. I like that they stuck with some tried and true button schema’s, they didn’t go all “The Last Of Us” and decide to invent a new way to switch between weapons, but the game handles badly. I remember swimming below a bridge where there was a sunken treasure, and it took me like 5 minutes to get Geralt into a position that would allow me to open the chest. Geralt moves in huge lunges everywhere, one small tap on the controls and he’s moved like 30 feet.

Let’s see what else… oh yeah, talking to people can sometimes be a bit annoying if you want to skip it. You press X, but it only skips that one sentence. I had some initial problems with bugs on the Xbox One, but they got fixed pretty quickly. I’m not to sure I like the menu system, it’s hard to navigate and it might just be me, but crafting things and combining things is hard, you can’t tell what ingredients are needed for certain things. Eh… it’s just not intuitive.

The Good

The game is massive, it’s fun, it’s cool, you have two freaking swords, you can kill things from your horse! WTF! I’ve read a lot of complaints about the graphics, but you know what, not from me, I think the graphics are just fine.

It’s a great game, that’s worthy of best game of the year, so far at least. The game has it all and there’s no disputing how well it was put together.

If the point of game reviews is to help you determine if a game is worth playing or not, then here it is.


The bad does not outweigh the good. The programmers did an excellent job and they deserve our praise in the form of green. So go get it.


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