GameBros Microsoft E3 2015 Live Blog


We are just mintutes away from our first press conference of the day.. stay tuned to for all your game updates and news …

Update: # 1 Microsoft Opens there Show with a four player co-op demo of  Halo 5 Guardians Looks like the promethians are back for Halo 5, a new multiplayer mode called warzone looks like player vs Player Vs  AI.

Update # 2 World Premiere.. a trailer for a new Ip called Recore due out spring 2016 Looks promising …

Update # 3 Play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One Wooooo Jaws Drop !!! just put disc in and download game from store 100 games available this fall and there will be no charge for your old games to play on your Xbox One

Update # 4 Xbox Elite Wireless controller announced. Looks like this will a pro contoller and enhanced.

Update# 5 Todd Howard on the stage showing demo of Fallout 4 fallout looks amazing cant wait to play this title In November. all mods available on Pc will be coming to XboxOne.. this is huge for consoles

Update # 6 Ea Peter moore on the stage Ea Access  vault will get Titanfall this week and later this year will get dragon age inquistion. all xbox live Members will get free Ea Acess this week for free!!

Update # 7 Plants Vs Zombies 2 Garden Warfare World Premiere a trailer playing to the tune of Danger Zone ..

Update # 8 Forza 6 about to be announced .. Ford Gt Cover car being shown on stage 1080P/60Frames 24 car multiplayer Sep 15 Release date and finally getting weather effects..

Update # 9 World Premiere.. Dark Souls 3; early 2016

Update #10 The Division New E3 trailer exclusive beta this Decemeber; Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & @ will be included on the Xbox one Version ..

Update # 11 Indie games Trailer being shown off;  indie games; Tacoma first on Xbox One and PC; Ashen Xbox Console Excluisive; Beyond Eyes First on Xbox And PC; Cuphead Xbox console exclusive: a platformer

Update # 12 Xbox Game Preview sort of like steam early Acess; Elite Dangerous and Day z; will be available soon

Update # 13 Tomb raider World Premiere gameplay Holiday 2015 Demo taking place in the snowy mountains.. cinematic adventure as laura Craft escapes an avalance.

Update # 14 Xone Exclusive; Rare Replay 30 games 30$ best value in gaming ?August 4, 2015.. New Exclusive game from Rare a shared world adventure game;  Pirates ship, Skelton, Sea of thieves ..

Upadate # 15  a new version of Minecraft and Holo Lens demo.. display minecraft everywear;  manipulate world using voice and hands

Upadate # 16 Gears of war ultimate edition 1080P 60frames in multiplayer public beta starts today; Xbox world premiere Gears 4 chainsaw lancer gun is confirmed Holiday 2016

Update # 17 Xbox is calling it the greatest lineup in Xbox History and I have to agree i think Xbox had a strong conference and have set the bar and put the pressure on Sony to deliver a great E3 a diverse line up of games Your Move Sony …….





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Street Fighter V Confirmed to be a PS4 Exclusive

street fighter 5

Third party exclusives over the years have become very rare. Well a capcom  Rep just dropped a bomb on Xbox fans. Street Fighter V will be a True Exclusive on the PS4 and will never make it way over to Xbox One Similar to How the first Titanfall will never debut on a Sony Console. Many Xbox fans were hoping this would be a timed exclusive or just this iteration of Street fighter was exclusive with a possiblity of a Ultra edition of the game being released sometime in the future.


So Sony has locked up Street Figther V and the only cosole that you can play this title on is a Playstation 4.. Good news though if your a PC gamer you will not miss out on this Title. This is a bold decision by Capcom and a big win by Sony I expect this to pay off in a big way and move many consoles in the spring of 2016. Titanfall had a similar deal but with the slow start of the Xbox One and being a new Ip it didnt move the amount of consoles Microsoft hoped it would.


So Micorsoft struck another third party deal with Square for Rise of the Tomb Raider But is has been confirmed that this will be a Timed exclusive and not a true excluisve. There been less and less Third Party exclusive but to see one of this caliber its eye opening and one that can shift some major Boxes Come  spring 2016. Tomb Raider and Titanfall were major AAA  exclsuives no doubt.. but you cant underestimate the fighting game community and the Power of the Street Fighter Brand. that been around for many years and iteration.  how do you feel about this move if your an Xbox Owner are you upset, not a street Fighter fan, or is this enough to make you Purchase a PS4 . Let us know in the comments section.


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Microsoft and Oculus Rift Teaming Up

As the resident Xbox One guru here at GameBrosShow, I gotta say this is exciting. I know, it’s only for streaming now, but let’s be serious, we know that pure titles specifically for the Oculus are now just inches away.

I own a PS4 and one of the few things I’ve been looking forward to are the Project Morpheus titles. I want to see what this VR thing is really all about. I have the Google Cardboard headset, and it alone is pretty damn amazing. But the Morpheus project seemed like what I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid. Now that Xbox has announced a partnership with Oculus, I’m even more excited as I truly enjoy what comes out of their studios.

A VR headset for Microsoft will also push consoles, guaranteed. It’s what MS needs right now too. I’d hate to think they’re losing out on exclusives for not having as large a user base. These VR headsets can put them over the top.

I’m super excited and can’t wait to see what’s coming, I’m willing to dole out at least $500 for these things as I’d like to count myself as an early adopter.

Good luck MS, and thanks for the good news.

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Logitech Driving Force G29/ Driving Force G920 PS4/Xbox One


Racing Game fans rejoice Logitech just officially announced the Driving force G29 for the PS4 and PS3. As a big Gran Turismo fan and racing game enthusiast this puts a huge smile on my face. it will retail for 399.99 and is up for pre-order right now . Logitech Just revealed this wheel will support Drive Club. More information will be revealed from logitech at E3



In additon Logitech also announced the drving Force G920 for Xbox One and Pc and both Wheels will available this fall Logitech has confirmed this wheel will support Forza 6 which will be shown off at E3 2015.












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