Toasters, PS4, Robots, and Xbox One’s New Experience… WTF?

As we all know from 360 to Xbox One there was a huge dropoff when it came to the experience of making parties, inviting friends, and doing other quick and easy tasks. Well it looks like Xbox has finally decided to address it and then some.

I’ve seen the video a couple of times now and let me say that I can’t wait.

This seems like an update that’s not going well noticed. But I can’t believe how amazing it looks. If any of you know, I do a lot with voice recognition so I can’t wait to be able to make parties, invite friends, share videos, etc… all without having to snap and pause, and while using my voice.

This seems like a significant update, and coming on the heels of backwards compatibility, and the really cool controller, I gotta say that Xbox you guys are coming guns a blazing. GREAT FUCKING JOB!


After a discussion with some of the GameBrosShow brethren, I responded with a great analogy that I wanted to share that expresses how I feel about the Xbox One Vs PS4 battle.

The Scene: I just let them know how excited I was about the Xbox One experience change, and the Sony Fanboys jumped at the chance to bash something and mention how I hate Sony, which I don’t. So here’s the response:

[6/17/2015, 9:17 PM]: I don’t think Sony is a big piece of crap. I just think that they are doing exactly what they told you they would do. They made a single use device that is for playing video games. They are spending tons on exclusive deals and morpheus, and the trade off is no real updates for the interface or the experience as a whole. They sell an appliance. And that’s OK, for some people. Some people don’t want their toaster to make it dinner, some people just want it to toast their bread. My case has always been that MS isn’t selling a toaster, they are selling a robot, one that’ll toast your bread, serve you a bowl of cereal and bring your coffee while your at the couch. So sure, they saved you $100 at launch, but they fucked you in the long run.

My PS4 sits there waiting for me to put a piece of toast in it. And when it toast, GODAMNN it toasts. It’s a great fucking toaster. It toasts better than Xbox One. But fuck if I don’t have my robot doing everything else for me.

And if i’m going to make a full breakfast, not just toast. I’m gonna have the robot make the whole damn thing.

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Microsoft and Oculus Rift Teaming Up

As the resident Xbox One guru here at GameBrosShow, I gotta say this is exciting. I know, it’s only for streaming now, but let’s be serious, we know that pure titles specifically for the Oculus are now just inches away.

I own a PS4 and one of the few things I’ve been looking forward to are the Project Morpheus titles. I want to see what this VR thing is really all about. I have the Google Cardboard headset, and it alone is pretty damn amazing. But the Morpheus project seemed like what I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid. Now that Xbox has announced a partnership with Oculus, I’m even more excited as I truly enjoy what comes out of their studios.

A VR headset for Microsoft will also push consoles, guaranteed. It’s what MS needs right now too. I’d hate to think they’re losing out on exclusives for not having as large a user base. These VR headsets can put them over the top.

I’m super excited and can’t wait to see what’s coming, I’m willing to dole out at least $500 for these things as I’d like to count myself as an early adopter.

Good luck MS, and thanks for the good news.

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Witcher 3 – Review

So, I’m really only about 20 hours into the game, but being a grown adult with a normal job that’s about all I could muster so far. With those 20 hours I can say that Witcher 3 is a great game. I won’t go out and say it’s an amazing game because it has some faults. So, I like to deliver the bad news first.

The Bad

The controls are pretty bad. I like that they stuck with some tried and true button schema’s, they didn’t go all “The Last Of Us” and decide to invent a new way to switch between weapons, but the game handles badly. I remember swimming below a bridge where there was a sunken treasure, and it took me like 5 minutes to get Geralt into a position that would allow me to open the chest. Geralt moves in huge lunges everywhere, one small tap on the controls and he’s moved like 30 feet.

Let’s see what else… oh yeah, talking to people can sometimes be a bit annoying if you want to skip it. You press X, but it only skips that one sentence. I had some initial problems with bugs on the Xbox One, but they got fixed pretty quickly. I’m not to sure I like the menu system, it’s hard to navigate and it might just be me, but crafting things and combining things is hard, you can’t tell what ingredients are needed for certain things. Eh… it’s just not intuitive.

The Good

The game is massive, it’s fun, it’s cool, you have two freaking swords, you can kill things from your horse! WTF! I’ve read a lot of complaints about the graphics, but you know what, not from me, I think the graphics are just fine.

It’s a great game, that’s worthy of best game of the year, so far at least. The game has it all and there’s no disputing how well it was put together.

If the point of game reviews is to help you determine if a game is worth playing or not, then here it is.


The bad does not outweigh the good. The programmers did an excellent job and they deserve our praise in the form of green. So go get it.


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