Batman Arkham Knight Review


Is Batman Arkham Knight the best super hero game ever created ?

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Back in 2009 Rocksteady Studios released Batman Arkham Asylum and like many I thought it was another bad licensed super hero game. That was until i played it and thought finally someone created a good Batman game that made you feel like Batman. So when Batman Arkham City came out in 2011 it was a day 1 purchase for me. It was an amazing game that had a satisfying ending that no one saw coming. So i wondered how they were going to top this sequel Rocksteady has been hard at work on this game and it shows..

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Thanks to Next Gen this is the most detailed, best looking and biggest Batman game to date. Lighting, weather and particle effects are amazing and the way neon lights in the city are reflected in the world look Spectacular. There a lot of attention to detail here and it shows the sound design is also very well done. From the engine of the bat mobile as you power slide around the city and fire the 60mm Canon to the top notch voice acting of batman and some of his villains. If you’re like me and have a pretty good headset or a 5.1 surround sound set up you won’t be disappointed with the sound of this game.

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The story takes place one year after the events of Arkham City on Halloween night Scarecrow is threating to release his fear toxin all over the city. Some of Batman biggest villains join Scarecrow in an attempt to take over Gotham city. He is also joined by the Arkham Knight a militarized anti- batman who shares the key villain role with scarecrow I won’t spoil any part of the story here but there are memorable moments in the story. What I really enjoyed about the story was at different points in the game as you encounter different villains each provide you a different gameplay element which adds lots of diversity to the gameplay as the story unfolds.

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The game play has been an important part of the Arkham franchise and in my opinion it’s one of the best combat systems out there and it’s only been improved it feels more fluid and more stylish than ever before with more options. You can know pick up Enemy weapons on the ground like  baseball bats and use it against your enemies in combat. If you’re like me and like performing silent takedowns you will be rewarded, this move now fills the fear takedown meter and once charged up allows you to takedown up to 5 enemies (if fully upgraded) for a cool cinematic takedown that never gets old and is very useful in the game. The bat mobile is also a big part of the game that you get early on. The controls are a bit awkward at first but you get used to it rather quickly so it’s not a deal breaker.

Thanks to an early upgrade to the grapnel it feels more fluid and really makes gliding around the game that much more fun. In addition there a new feature called Dual play that lets you team up with robin, cat women, or nightwing  for some specific story or predator mission within the game. This mechanic allows you to switch characters mid battles, It’s a welcome change to the free flow combat and it’s a nice change for the series even though minimal it keeps things fresh. One thing that i found a little weird was that the game does not have a tutorial.. the game is expecting you to know how the controls works, this is fine if you’re a veteran but if your new to series you might find this a lil strange. If this is a short coming for you fear not the game has an excellent Training method called AR challenges where you can polish up and practice your bat mobile driving, predator challenges and improve your free flow combat skills and get rewarded for doing these challenges.

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Editor’s opinion:

When i started my review i posed the question is Batman Arkham Knight the best superhero game ever created? I’m happy to report in my humble opinion Yes it is.. Rocksteady has created the ultimate Batman experience with beautiful visuals  great voice acting and a great combat system. That only gets better as you invest in upgrades. The story is good with some memorable moments and for the first time in the series the Batmobile makes an appearance and thankfully it’s a great addition to the series. This game is loaded with content from the many side missions to the complicated Riddler puzzles that involve the Bat mobile to the many collectibles trophy to find, there even a a new game plus option for when you complete the game. If you’re a veteran of the series or a new comer this is a game that totally worth your time and money. Rocksteady has created it’s best game in the series this studio loves the batman universe and it shows..


control logocontrol logocontrol logocontrol logo4/5

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Toasters, PS4, Robots, and Xbox One’s New Experience… WTF?

As we all know from 360 to Xbox One there was a huge dropoff when it came to the experience of making parties, inviting friends, and doing other quick and easy tasks. Well it looks like Xbox has finally decided to address it and then some.

I’ve seen the video a couple of times now and let me say that I can’t wait.

This seems like an update that’s not going well noticed. But I can’t believe how amazing it looks. If any of you know, I do a lot with voice recognition so I can’t wait to be able to make parties, invite friends, share videos, etc… all without having to snap and pause, and while using my voice.

This seems like a significant update, and coming on the heels of backwards compatibility, and the really cool controller, I gotta say that Xbox you guys are coming guns a blazing. GREAT FUCKING JOB!


After a discussion with some of the GameBrosShow brethren, I responded with a great analogy that I wanted to share that expresses how I feel about the Xbox One Vs PS4 battle.

The Scene: I just let them know how excited I was about the Xbox One experience change, and the Sony Fanboys jumped at the chance to bash something and mention how I hate Sony, which I don’t. So here’s the response:

[6/17/2015, 9:17 PM]: I don’t think Sony is a big piece of crap. I just think that they are doing exactly what they told you they would do. They made a single use device that is for playing video games. They are spending tons on exclusive deals and morpheus, and the trade off is no real updates for the interface or the experience as a whole. They sell an appliance. And that’s OK, for some people. Some people don’t want their toaster to make it dinner, some people just want it to toast their bread. My case has always been that MS isn’t selling a toaster, they are selling a robot, one that’ll toast your bread, serve you a bowl of cereal and bring your coffee while your at the couch. So sure, they saved you $100 at launch, but they fucked you in the long run.

My PS4 sits there waiting for me to put a piece of toast in it. And when it toast, GODAMNN it toasts. It’s a great fucking toaster. It toasts better than Xbox One. But fuck if I don’t have my robot doing everything else for me.

And if i’m going to make a full breakfast, not just toast. I’m gonna have the robot make the whole damn thing.

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GameBros Best Games of E3 2015



So with all the Hype all of E3 and all conferences behind us here at we all have a difference of opinion on what the best game of the show was so let’s meet the gamers of Gamebros and see what blew them away and what there favorite games of E3 are.



System Of Chocie-PS4

Favorite Genres : FPS, RPG, Racing, Zombie Expert

Bio: If money grew on trees, JoeFlaco would be in the deforestation business. No one on the GameBrosShow is sure why he decided to bankroll the whole operation, but we’re pretty sure it’s money laundering of some kind.

My Top 3 games of E3  

  • Doom – from the studio that pioneered The First person Shoooter- Frantic pace, beautiful visuals , and visceral in your face combat
  • Horizon Zero Dawn- a new Ps4 exclusive from Guerilla Games ,beautiful visuals and who doesnt want to fight Robotic dragons and dinosaurs sign me up..
  • Uncharted 4- the total package of video games Top Notch visuals, Gameplay ,and Best in the game Story telling.



System Of Chocie-Xbox One

Favorite Genres : Rpg and anthing Diablo 3..

Bio: deeVee joined the GameBrosShow in an apparent attempt to get noticed by girls. It hasn’t happened yet, but he thinks that if he makes enough videos, he’ll stop being the butt of jokes about young men with so much damn gray hair.

My Top 3 games of E3  

  • Fallout 4- one of my favorite franchises of all time and will most likely be my game of the year..
  • No Mans Sky-  cant wait to explore this universe might end up being the reason I purchased a PS4..
  • Xbox 360 games…. with the announcement of Backward compatibility this is a game changer and smart move by Xbox.



System Of Chocie-PS4

Favorite Genres : Any Game that makes me forget about work..

Bio: Cuco is one of the two original members of the GameBrosShow team. It is said, that even at his current age, weight and height, he can still “almost” dunk on a regulation basketball rim.

My Top 3 games of E3  

  • Star Wars Battlefront- Im a big Battlefield and Dice fan so this is a title im looking forward to in 2015
  • Horizon Zero Dawn- a new Ip from the Killzone creators an underated Developer
  • Fallout 4- One of my favorite Rpg from last generation and one of my most anticipated game of 2015


Dj Fuego

System Of Chocie-PS4

Favorite Genres : Racing specialist

Bio: DJ Fuego is the second of the two original members of the GameBrosShow team. He wears his racing gear all over the place; shopping, to watch a movie, at home, he only takes it off to put on his pajamas… which is an exact copy of his racing gear.

My Top 3 games of E3  

  • Uncharted 4- one of the biggest franchises in gaming this last game will be epic
  • Metal Gear Solid 5- one of my favorite franchsies of all time and this being Hideo Kojima last Metal Gear game it will be unforgetable
  • No Man Sky- one of my most anticipated games eagerly awaiting for a release date.



System Of Chocie-PS4

Favorite Genres : Sports, FPS and anything Metal Gear related..

Bio: Hitman just recently joined the show because his mom wants him out of the house on Sunday’s so his parents can “watch TV” in peace for a rather specific 17 minutes. He’s rumored to have gone home early one day, and he’s never been the same since.

My Top 3 games of E3

  • No Man Sky was unbelievable Somebody take my money already.
  • Fallout 4 it going to be an amzing experience cant wait to customize some guns and explore Boston.
  • Hitman – my gamertag says it all doesnt it… looking forward to a new type of Hitman let see what kind of new gadgets next gen will bring.


So that the Gamebros team favorite E3 games of 2015 and some of there highlights.. what are your favorite games of E3 let us know in the comments section.




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